Busting the 3 Most Popular Essay Writing Myths

Essay Writing Help 🕔November 7, 2017

Busting the 3 Most Popular Essay Writing Myths

The amazing art of essay writing has been surrounded with several rumors and myths for many years past. This latent skill has been marred by spurious accusations since its inception, allegations that are downright false and overly misleading.

These myths keep university and college students away from learning the beautiful little eccentricities of essay writing. The students are engulfed by this absurd belief that they can never really write an elaborately thought-out essay. We have busted the 3 myths most notorious for wrongly playing with the heads of several promising students.

Writing an essay is a prospect that daunts almost every student in school or college. A few students are usually horrified by certain aspects of essay writing, whereas many others are terrified by the entire thing itself. It’s not that most students are really bad at writing an essay or simply lack the potential to pen one. It’s just that academic essay writing is surrounded with several unfounded myths which intimidate most students, thus repelling them from the topic before even taking to learn it. Here we will attempt to debunk the most popular yet crazy essay writing myths.

You Need to have an Insanely Strong Vocabulary

This is probably one of the most commonly found myths out there. After reading a few really good essays during the initial stages, most students reach the conclusion that their vocabulary needs to be very strong in order to write a good essay. They tend to concentrate more on the meaning of individual words than on the significance of the entire sentence or essay. This leads them to believe that the use of fancy words necessarily enhances the essay, which is certainly not the case. Having a wide range of vocabulary is helpful but not necessary. Your professors only need to understand what you are trying to convey.

You Need to Master the Language before taking Pen to Paper

Admittedly, essay writing is a complex process, and college essays are more complicated to be sure. Before long, you may need some college essay writing help in order to succeed. However, it doesn’t take a genius in order to learn how to write a detailed but concise essay. You do not need to comprehend all the technicalities and the nuances of the English language before getting down to writing an essay. If you are not certain about a particular phrase or sentence structure, avoid using that in your essay. Playing to your strengths will definitely straighten out the entire process.

Only Born Writers can be Exceptional at Essay Writing

Are writers born or made? This is one apparent myth that is inherently true. Anyone, if trained properly, can turn out to be an essay writing wizard. However, did you know that every human being is born with the skill of writing? Akin to speaking, reading or writing is an inborn talent that only needs to be honed and nurtured. Thus, unless you are an extraterrestrial organism who has blissfully adapted to the Earth’s atmosphere, nothing can really stop you from becoming an exceptional essay writer.

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