Dameron Fine Art – The brain child of Ronald Safdieh

Student Life 🕔November 7, 2017

Dameron Fine Art – The brain child of Ronald Safdieh

Schools are essentially places where the building up of a person’s character starts. It is from here that the child actually gets to know about the ways of life. Thus it is essential that the school in which the child gets his or her education is a good one. There are a number of schools that can impart your child with the basic bookish knowledge that is required for the survival of your child in the materialistic world. But there a few schools that also incorporate religious rules within them. Damon Fine Art is one such school where the children are imparted some of the basic religious rules that might help the students to become good human beings.

A general idea of the school

Dameron Fine Art is a school of Jewish origin with Ronald Safdieh as the President of the school. This school is one of the many schools that help imbibe the basic religious ideas of the Jewish traditions among the children. The task has never been an easy one for Ronald. The journey of educating the students on spiritual lines has been a laborious task for him throughout. The things that are taught in the school are not necessarily things that have been included or written in the religious texts. A portion of the teachings also comprise of thoughts that Safdieh has had over the years about the Jewish teachings and religion. He has successfully managed to share his thoughts and ideas with the students of his school and to a great extent to the common masses as well.

Contributions to the society as a whole

Throughout the years of his service as a President of the school he has always been an active member of the Jewish Community. This has helped him bring about a connection between the students and his teachings in a quite easier way. Dameron Fine At has been a complete amalgamation of education and religious studies at the same time. The fact that the school has been imparting religious education does not in any way mean that the students are being deprived of bookish knowledge. Both the sections are paid equal importance. This brainchild of Ronald Safdieh continues to be an example in the world of education. In a world where education is now becoming a business of sorts, these schools are places that still keep the complete moral and spiritual importance of the students as their prime concern.


The school as well as its Presidents has always acted as a great way to bridge the gap between people and religion. Not everyone is bestowed with the knowledge of the ways to lead life keeping spiritualism in mind. The other important thing that you get to know in this case is that religion is not always about giving up on worldly things. Religion can also be followed by common masses without giving up certain things in life. Religion can is basically a way leading a life that is free from all sorts of negativity that surrounds it.