Some Crucial Thoughts worth Considering About the Invention of Time

Career 🕔November 7, 2017

Some Crucial Thoughts worth Considering About the Invention of Time

Since I was kid, I have always developed a keen interest in obtaining knowledge and exploring untapped areas. My grandma used to tell me stories of the space and how some of the most unidentified creatures existed there. The universe is basically a home for many living organisms however we are just restricted to know our own existence. Knowledge pertaining to the invention of time, the birth of space and the formulation of different energy is something beyond our basic understandings. I have referred way too many books in the libraries and perhaps the end result I usually obtain is a perplexed state of mind. It seems that different people back in the days have jotted down their own point of view which makes the theory more complex to understand.

However, determined to solve such conundrums, I still take down toes regularly that offers great insights over matters that people usually consider insignificant. A normal person working from nine to five is usually occupied with personal problem, professional problems and a bunch of others. The way human are progressing in terms of knowledge, may be advanced from technological perspective. However, we do lack far back in terms of piling up insights pertaining to our genesis. The theory I have formed after devoting myself to such subjects for the past seven years is quite a valid conclusion. Directly or indirectly, there are two inevitable possibilities in this space. The following question makes it easy to understand both the possibilities from a general point of view. The question is “Are we the sole breeding species of this universe?” Some may say yes while considerable number of brains may opt for no. Regardless of our opinions, our answers open a path to some frightening end result.

If a person had answered that question with a yes, than that probably means that we are the sole survivors of this universe. It has recorded that it takes weeks to reach the moon. Considering the distance to moon and amount of time it consumes to reach there, I simply could not even understand how long will take to explore the whole universe. If we are alone in this universe than I must say that is quite a frightening thought. However, on the other hand if a person said No which probably opens a path for some brains to believe that we are not alone in this astronomical universe. There are other surviving species as well. However, insights on who are they might be and how they may contact us remains as enigma.

Coming down to our every own existence, we all moved by energy. It is energy that makes a common person to wake up and attend work in order to survive. Where do we derive this energy from? It is perhaps from infinite intelligence and matters that constitute our body. We all do experience a witness in the drain of our energy after a whole day’s work. However, taking a good nap restores it which proves that energy is constantly fluctuating at a constant rate. The demise of a person usually means the extinction of the capacity of the body to hold the energy down.