Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing an English Academy or Course

Student Life 🕔November 7, 2017

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing an English Academy or Course

If you want to learn or improve your writing and speaking skills in English, then there is no better option than to have a good teacher. Good teachers will help you understand things quickly and motivate you to study more. They also give you an opportunity to ask queries and practise the language.

There are several good language academies/schools, where you can check for English course prices Manchester, before enrolling in one of them. However, the biggest problem is to find the right school among the dreadful ones.

How to choose an English School?

  • It is quite challenging to look for a course, especially if you are in the unfamiliar environment of a foreign country. Hence, people generally seek the help of agents to arrange for an overseas course in English.
  • Although agents could be quite helpful in this regard, it is necessary to check whether they are endorsed or accredited by a certified body.
  • Some agents earn commission from the schools while a few of them charge a fee. It is better to check how these agents are paid before you avail their services.
  • Agents will also help in arranging transport and accommodation.

Consider the following things, if you want to join or enrol in an English school academy or course

  • Number of students in the class – If there are more students in the class, then it is difficult to make any progress. So, it is always better if the class size is smaller. It is suggested not to choose a class, which has more than 15 students.
  • Listen to recommendations – Before enrolling for English classes, speak to people you trust. You can also look for ‘review’s online. However, be cautious while reading the reviews, as often these reviews are written by the competitors or by the school/course themselves.
  • Don’t join courses that promise quick results – Some schools promise that you can perfect the language in just 100 days. Avoid such courses/schools as this is not possible. Learning a new language is not easy and takes time.
  • Learning English language is not cheap – It is obvious that the quality will not be up to the mark or the course is perhaps not very good, if it comes cheaper. However, there are several ways to save while paying for English courses. Online English courses and several English language schools offer discounts. Look for such discounts/ offers. Generally online classes with a tutor are cheaper than the classes in language schools.
  • Language Schools or Online Classes – Today, both online and language schools offer good courses. Earlier, online courses were appalling, but with improved technology, they are quite good now. If you travel or work, then online classes are probably the best for you, as you can choose when and where to study. Also, they are quite cheaper as compared to language schools.
  • What to Expect – A good course or teacher will help in improving your English dramatically. A good tutor will show the mistakes you are making and clear your doubts.

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Ken Wilson is a language trainer, and he also writes many articles on topics related to learning English. To check out English course prices Manchester, you could visit their website. Also, go through the list of courses they offer.