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This is an essay writing company with a website that is pretty easy to use and understand. They make the move of putting the pricing tool on the homepage, which is not a common thing to do but does get the ball rolling faster. They do have a large variety of writing services, but only really excel with high school and freshmen projects. They do have some writers who will take on the higher level work, but the results are a little hit and miss. They even admit that their usual time for assigning a writer is an hour, but that higher level and more complex works may require a days notice so that they may find a suitable writer for the project.

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Services Offered

The nice thing about this company is that they also offer a very specific UK essay in their pricing tool. They also offer PowerPoint presentations too, instead of simply saying presentations. Such restrictions may seem to limit, but at least you know you are not going to be disappointed when they turn around and say they cannot do it for you. They offer essays, term papers, dissertations, custom specification essays, coursework, thesis, editing, and proofreading. Do not be put off by the fact that they have such a short list of services, as each service encapsulates a wide variety of essay types. For example, their custom specification essays also involve research papers, and coursework is not limited to high school, etc.


The difference between this pricing structure and that of other writing services is that they actually give you a time that your project will arrive before you have even made the order (i.e. on the quoting page). Here are the prices per page for and their associated academic level.

Discounts and Free Features

In a rather disappointing move, they have a discount widget that promises a discount, but if you click it then you are just led back to the pricing page. There is a mention of discounts on the first page, where they say that they give a 5% discount for more than five orders, a 10% discount for more than ten orders, and 15% discount for more than twelve orders.

Special Offers and Customer Support

You can make instant contact with the company if you use their phone number. You may log in and make contact too. They have a feedback form on the website that you can use to contact them. They have an email address so that you can contact them with longer or more complex questions. The website does offer discounts, but none of their links lead anywhere. The best way to actually receive a discount is to request and confirm one before you make and pay for your order. They are a fairly young company, so may improve their discount widgets so that they lead to the correct area.