Top 10 Reasons To Change Your Career

Career 🕔November 7, 2017

Top 10 Reasons To Change Your Career

Changing your career is one of the most important life choicesany of us could make. To ensure that you are making the right decision when it comes to your career path, you should ask yourself one question – “Why do I want to change my career?” The answers will vary depending on the individual, however, there are common situations that many of us experience and that push us towards changing our career. These include:

1. Struggling to find the right career

Finding the right career path is not an easy task and many people make the mistake of choosing a career under the influence of parents, family members or the economy. When a person makes a career decision based on external factors the result is almost always the same – dissatisfaction and lack of fulfilment. The only solution becomes changing your career and finding a job that will bring you more satisfaction and will be better suited to your skills and life goals.

2. Your career interests have changed

When starting a job most people look for something that they like and even love doing, however, with time they grow and as a result their interests change. If you are feeling bored at work, no longer find your job interesting or challenging, then it is probably time to look for a new career. Very often people realise that they need this change after taking a new hobby or volunteering, which changes their perspective and shows them that their passion lies elsewhere.

3. Your job focusses on weaknesses

When we start a new job we are always focused on using our strengths to make a good impression and do our job well. Sometimes, however, it may turn out that the position requires skills and strengths that you did not know about and that you do not possess. If this is the case you may try to learn new skills and improve yourself or look for another position within the company that is better suited to you. If the difference between your dream job and your actual job is too big you will need to look for a different career.

4. You are experiencing career burnout

Career burnout is considered one of the most important reasons for changing your career. It is the condition of feeling miserable at work and living only for the weekends. It is associated with exhaustion, lack of motivation, frustration and other cognitive problems. This condition can significantly affect your mental and physical health and that is why a career change is required. After all, why would you spent a third of your day doing something you hate and feeling miserable about it? Changing your career when you are experiencing career burnout can help you find a job that makes you happy and can significantly improve your life.

5. The development of technology

As a result of the technological development many careers have disappeared or transformed into a completely different field. This forces many people into making life-changing decisions about their career. Probably the most important consideration if your career is affected by the development of technology is whether to move with the technology and adapt or to completely change your career direction.

6. Your personal situation has changed

Some major event in your personal life, like getting married or having a child, could also require a career change. These are generally dictated by the need for additional income, less travel or increased job security. In any case, it is vital to look for a career that you are passionate about as choosing a job only for the financial compensation will not make you happy in the long term.

7. Your current job is too stressful

Some careers are more stressful than others and despite the fact that you probably knew this, the stress may become too much to handle. If this is the case, you will have to look for a different career if you want to preserve your mental and physical health.

8. You want to earn more

It is natural that with years of experience behind your back you will aim at a higher salary, unfortunately not every job provides the opportunity for a raise. In the case that you have reached the highest position that you can, it may be time to look for a career change and a new employer. Find an occupation with higher earning potential, but make sure that it is something that makes you happy.

9. You do not fit with the corporate culture

Every company, department and team has its own work culture that helps co-workers bond and work together. Naturally, not everyone fits in and feels motivated by this corporate culture and if that happen to be you, maybe it is time for a career change. This becomes essential if you do not feel productive, comfortable and happy at your current company.

10. You have a better job offer

If you are doing your job well your efforts will most definitely get noticed. As a result many professionals with good networking skills and knowledge of the industry get noticed by competitors. This could lead to attractive job offers with better salary, more benefits and greater flexibility. If you have been approached with an appealing offer make sure you ask a lot of questions and learn more about the company before you make a decision. You could also use this outside offer to negotiate a raise with your current employer, giving them the opportunity to counter-offer and keep you as an employee. In any case, make sure that you negotiate properly with both sides.